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IRON Mafia Wins & Losses Thread

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This little Archive will be updated after every mafia game finishes.
Today, I decided to trawl through the archives and find the results of all the mafia games there, and those in here, and compile a list of which factions and which people triumphed in these games.


  • Ancient Rome Mafia - SERIAL KILLER (vgmmaster)
  • Halo Mafia - MAFIA (Sister Midnight, globalfanatic, Tom Sipriani, molestargazer, shadowarmy75)
  • Escape from Morgan City - TOWN (vgmmaster, shaferthejail, Kaiser Sam, Battousai, Ovidius, globalfanatic, GEB, shadowarmy75)
  • Salem Witch Trials - TOWN (molestargazer, Kaiser Sam, moose, Ovidius, Battousai, vgmmaster, McDaz, GEB)
  • Deathmatch Mafia - Abandoned
  • Werewolf Mafia - Abandoned
  • IRON Mafia - Abandoned
  • Mini Vanilla - SERIAL KILLER (purplehermit)
  • Cybernations BC - MAFIA (vgmmaster, King Without a Crown)
  • Standard Mini - MAFIA (Mikey, vgmmaster)
  • Fools All Around Us - MAFIA (Grahamule, CanucksDynasty, King Without a Crown)
  • Strangeville Mafia - MAFIA (moose, Onbekende, Darth Vader)
  • Battle for the Streets - OTHER GROUP (KevinH, vgmmaster, Nilty)
  • War of the Servers - MAFIA (vgmmaster, KevinH)
  • The Forest - Abandoned
  • The Village - TOWN (Martino, Oranges, Molestargazer, Blade619, KevinH, Mikey, Jumpshoot, Stargazer Alchemist, MonRepos, Grahamule, Grand Emperor Brian, Draztikus)
  • Recruitment Rush - TOWN (Martino, Oranges, Draztikus, Stargazer Alchemist, OverCaffeinated, Grand Emperor Brian, MonRepos, Grand Emperor Burka, Grahamule, Mikey, coolguy002, Battousai)
  • Espionage - Abandoned
  • Mafia - MAFIA (CanucksDynasty, Overcaffeinated, Draztikus)
  • Sacred Hearts - TOWN (Sanguinary, vgmmaster, OverCaffeinated, Martino, Argon, Globalfanatic, Oranges, CanucksDynasty)
  • Horrors in the Night - TOWN (Battousai, Cpl Punishment, Eva999, Oranges, KevinH, Draztikus, Martino, GrandSecretaryLiang, angel of doom, Bodvar Jarl, Sanguinary, Argon, Griffon)
  • Part Time Detective, Full Time Crime - MAFIA (OverCaffeinated, Martino, MonRepos)
  • Murder on the IRON Express - TOWN (Angel of Doom, Sanguinary, nerau, MonRepos, KevinH, Overcaffeinated, vgmmaster, Battousai, Electric Mango)
  • Quick Mafia 1 - MAFIA (Argon, Sehmarnaam)
  • Quick Mafia 2 - TOWN (Sanguinary, Yllnath, Niempie, Nerau, Globalfanatic, Leonitus94, Hyperion, Electric Mango, Sehmarnaam)
  • Extreme Survivor - MAFIA (Overcaffeinated, Battousai, Eva999, Argon & CanucksDynasty as INDIVIDUAL)
  • The Simpsons Mafia - TOWN (molestargazer, Narsis, Argon, Mech Warrior, Electric Mango, OverCaffeinated, CanucksDynasty)
  • Plane Crash Mafia - SURVIVOR (Azach007)
  • Book Mafia - TOWN (globalfanatic, Narsis, Electric Mango, Rayger, KevinH, Sir Jesus, CanucksDynasty, Niempie)
  • Red vs Blue Mafia - SERIAL KILLER (CanucksDynasty)
  • Argon's Quick Mafia - SCUM (Electric Mango, Martino)
  • Mole's Speed C9 - SCUM (Electric Mango, CanucksDynasty)
  • Mole StarGazer's Secure Hospital for the Criminally Insane - SCUM (Sir Jesus, Martino, Electric Mango)
  • Mage Wars - TOWN (Martino, KevinH, Sir Jesus, CanucksDynasty, junkahoolik, Aquinas)
  • Journey Back To The Battlestar - TOWN (Falzis, Aquinas, CanucksDynasty, KevinH, SinKon, Tobias Greene)
  • Hades #3, The Happening - SCUM (Narsis, Falzis, CanucksDynasty)
  • Plane Crash Mafia II - SCUM (Falzis, Martino, AKCPLUTO)
  • Somewhat Classic - SCUM (KevinH, Theophilos, Nerau)
  • A Room in the Castle Volant - SCUM (KevinH, Narsis)
  • Trouble in Terror Town - SCUM (Nerau, AKCPLUTO)
  • Medieval Mafia - SCUM (CanucksDynasty, AKCPLUTO)
  • Werewolves in Genericville - SCUM (Kasabian, KevinH)
  • The Reunion - TOWN (Ccabal86, Curufinwe, Theophilos, Kasabian, Electric Mango, KevinH, Kaziocore, 19theSpecOps, AKCPLUTO)
  • Guess Who Mafia - TOWN (CanucksDynasty, Kaziocore, KevinH, and Theophilos)
  • The Mafia Choose Weird Places To Invade #1 - TOWN (Electric Mango, CanucksDynasty, Ccabal86, Preston, Kaziocore, KevinH, Chaoshawk, Nerau)
  • The Mafia Choose Weird Places To Invade #2 - SCUM (Ccabal86, Electric Mango, Preston)
  • The Mafia Choose Weird Places To Invade #3 - SCUM (D3mon, BeeBs, Preston)
  • Traitors on the Battlefront - TOWNIE (molestargazer, CanucksDynasty, Nerau, ccabal86, Kaziocore, Kasabian, KevinH, Martino)
  • Pick Your Poison - Abandoned
  • TF2 Mafia - Abandoned
  • Mafia on Iron Island - Abandoned
  • Imperails vs republic Mafia - TOWNIE (d3mon, ccabal86, reign of terror, Imran Ehsan, ABigDeer, KF2001, Kaziocore, Electric Mango)
  • The Kingdom of Kaardoli - MAFIA (ABigDeer, Eva999, Rafay)
  • Madness Metropolis - MAFIA (BeeBs, ccabal86, Daimos)
  • Dethwing Classic - TOWNIE (d3mon, KevinH, Rafay, Xx Karl xX)
  • Carbon-14 - MAFIA (WEREWOLVES) (cam177, Rafay)
  • TSUNOMI (sic): The Semi Ultimate Normal Open Mafia Incongruity - TOWNIE (Kaziocore, Alternate_Tree, Cam177, Xx Karl xX, Aenir, EM, Rafay)
  • Death Note Mafia - MAFIA (Electric Mango, Athermonuke, d3mon, Fernando Garcia)
  • The Hobbit - TOWN (Chaplain of Death, D3mon, Electric Mango, Kaziocore, Killgor, Lorikz Kain, Rafay, Xarastier, Xx Karl xX)
  • 2of4 ~ Dinosaur Mafia - MAFIA (Chaplain of Death, Electric Mango)
  • 2of4 ~ Care Bears Mafia - MAFIA (Rafay, Killgor)
  • Donner Party ~ TOWN (KevinH, Euclid of Alexandria, Commander Shepard, Kaziocore, Martino, Xarastier, Nerau, killgor, reign of terror)
  • Pick Your Poison - TOWN (Alternate_Tree, Chaplain of death, Commander Shepard, d3mon, DarkIceDragon, Electric Mango, Imran Ehsan, KevinH, killgor, Nerau)
  • The Dead Zone - MAFIA (Commander Shepard, KevinH, D3mon, Killgor)
  • Brass & Shrapnel - TOWN (Angel Cruz dela Sant, Commander Shepard, Electric Mango, Kaziocore, Lyner, Robert2424, Yates)
  • House of Horrors - TOWN (Blaskowicz, Commander Shepard, Daniel Vigrid, Electric Mango, Imran Ehsan, Iron Helix, KevinH, Killgor, Yates)
  • Reservoir Dogs - TOWN (Commander Shepard, Imran Ehsan, iSocialism, KevinH, LordRagnar, LordZetano, Lyner, Robert2424, Zenonia) & TRAITOR (Electric Mango)
  • Misfit - abandoned
  • Duck, Duck, Gray Duck! - MAFIA (K33PS, Kaziocore, Angel Cruz dela Sant)
  • Matrix6 - MAFIA (KevinH, Lyner)
  • TBD Mafia - TOWN (Montosh, Kaziocore, Imran Ehsan, KevinH, Robert2424, Lyner, d3mon)
  • The Camping Site - SERIAL KILLER (Kaziocore)
  • The Battle of the Five Armies - TOWN (ABigDeer, Electric Mango, Imran Ehsan, Kaziocore, Lyner, Montosh, Rafay, Robert2424, TBRaiders)
  • Iron City - MAFIA (Lyner, Sămus, emudevelopment, Preston)
  • Medical - MAFIA (Lyner, iSocialism)
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space - Abandoned
  • Congressional Mafia - Abandoned
  • Maintaining Law, Order, and Shallow Relationships - MAFIA (Lyner, Robert2424)
  • Forest Fire - MAFIA (Electric Mango, Lyner)
  • Kill Everyone - MAFIA (Electric Mango, iSocialism, KevinH)
  • Bird 7P - MAFIA (iSocialism, DerangedArsonist)
  • The Force Awakens - MAFIA (Electric Mango, Imran Ehsan, Shahenshah, The Warrior)
  • Teen Titans - TOWN (Mandarjin, Shahenshah, Fermion, Rafay, iSocialism, Imran Ehsan, KevinH, Chaplain of Death, TheDoom)
  • CyberNations - TOWN (Ali bin Turban, Antoine Roquentin, Avater, Canik, Chaplain of death, d3mon, Imran Ehsan, Kaziocore, KevinH, King H(SeaBeeGipson), Lyner, Mandarijn, Robert2424, Sămus, Yehom)
  • Sharing is Caring - MAFIA (Canik, Rafay, Whitebeard)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - TOWN (Finster Baby, Preston, iSocialism, KevinH, Wolfpacks, Sămus, Sister Midnight, Rafay, Rhizoctonia, Chaplain of Death, Mazuurek)
  • Pie E7 - TOWN (King H(SeaBeeGipson), Lyner, Mandarijn, Supreme Leader MK, The Warrior)
  • C9 - MAFIA (Chaplain of Death, Rhizoctonia)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - SERIAL KILLER (Preston)
  • Town of Transylvania - TOWN/Van Helsing (1ceCream, Wolfpacks, KevinH, King H(SeaBeeGipson), Canik, Robert2424)
  • F11 - MAFIA (Rafay, Robert2424)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - MAFIA (KevinH, Yehom, iSocialism, Rhizoctonia)
  • C9++ - TOWN (Chaplain of Death, Finster Baby, iSocialism, Lyner, Robert2424, SeaBeeGipson, The Warrior)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - MAFIA (Canik, Chaplain of Death, Wolfpacks)
  • Matrix6 - MAFIA (iSocialism, Kitkat16)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - MAFIA (Kitkat16, KevinH, SeaBeeGipson, Supreme Leader MK)
  • Friends and Enemies - MAFIA (iSocialism, LordSunday, SeaBeeGipson)
  • Scales of Justice - MAFIA (Kitkat16, Rafay)
  • Pick Your Power X/Y - TOWN (SeaBeeGipson, Lachiton, Brewersalliance, Canik, KitKat16, The Warrior, legoboyvdlp, Robert2424, GoldIron, iSocialism, FrigidInferno)
  • The Last Jedi - TOWN (Ali bin Turban, Brewersalliance, Canik, Chaplain of death, Imran Ehsan, Jazzy95, Kitkat16, Robert2424, Samus, Sister Midnight, The Warrior, Yehom)
  • Pokémon - TOWN (Ali bin Turban, Atliis, Brewersalliance, Canik, Darkfox, Jazzy95, Lachiton, Lord MK, Mandarijn, Rafay, Rhizoctonia, Samus, SeaBeeGipson)
  • No Stones Left Unturned - TOWN (Lord MK, Colonel Medved, Brewsersalliance, The Warrior, SeeBeeGipson, KevinH, Lachiton, Rafay, Mandarijn, Jazzy95, Wolfpacks)
  • [RA-02] In and Out. 20 minute Mafia - TOWN (Lord MK, Colonel Medved, Brewsersalliance, Jazzy95, MsShawdi, Lachiton, Wolfpacks)
  • [MK-04] Iron Man - TOWN (Lachiton, Colonel Medved, SeaBeeGipson, Rafay, Brewersalliance, Robert2424, KevinH, The Warrior, Jazzy95, GianMirell)
  • [CM-01] IRON Popcorn Mafia - TOWN (Robert2424, Lachiton, Wolfpacks, KevinH, Rafay, Sister Midnight, Velocity)
  • [BA-01] A Game of Thrones Mafia -SERIAL KILLER (Rhizoctonia)
  • [CM-02] IRON Potato Mafia - TOWN (brewersalliance, Lachiton, SeaBeeGipson, KevinH, Wolfpacks, The Warrior, Rafay, CampinKiller, Lord MK)
  • [TW-08] IRON Mafia - MAFIA (Brewersalliance, Rhizoctonia, Wolfpacks)
  • [BA-02] Clash of Kings Mafia-Town, Jester, Survivor (Colonel Medved, iSocialism, Yehom, Kvrest, Lachiton, Lord MK, LordSunday, Rafay, Robert2424, SeaBeeGipson, Sister Midnight, Jazzy The Warrior, Wolfpacks)
  • [CM-03] IRON Shrimp Mafia - TOWN (brewersalliance, KevinH, SeaBeeGipson, Robert2424, The Warrior, Kitkat16, Sister Midnight, Rhizoctonia, Jazzy95, Wolfpacks)
  • [JZ-01] Mount Olympus Mafia- MAFIA & SURVIVOR - (Lord MK) & (TheWarrior, SeeBeeGipson, Colonel Medved)
  • [TW-09] Zombie Infestation - MAFIA (Colonel Medved, FrigidInferno, KevinH, Kverst, Nadarr, Rhizoctonia, Robert2424, Wolfpacks)
  • [BA-03] The Rains of Castamere Mafia - TOWN WINS (Velocity, Robert2424, Rafay, Colonel Medved, SeeBeeGipson, Wolfpacks, iSocialism, Jazzy, Rhizoctonia)
  • [TW-10] The Office Mafia - MAFIA WINS (SeaBeeGipson, Eogrim)
  • [BA-04] Porn Star Mafia TOWN WINS (Canik, Eogrim, Jazzy95, KevinH, Rafay, Lord MK, Rhizoctonia, Nadarr, Velocity)
  • [TW-11]Parks and Recreation Mafia - OTHER: TOWN & MAFIA TIE (Town: Brewersalliance, Colonel Medved, Finster Baby, iSocialism, KevinH, Nadarr, Velocity, Wolfpacks; Mafia: Rafay, Rhizoctonia)
  • [BA-05] Mysterious Death Mafia - TOWN (Canik, Colonel Medved, Eogrim, Kazicore, Lord MK, Rafay, Rhizoctonia, Robert2424, Sister Midnight, Wolfpacks)
  • [CM-04] IRON Ice Cream Mafia - TOWN (brewersalliance, SealTeamPi, Finster Baby, KevinH, Rafay, Wolfpacks, Eogrim, Lord MK, iSocialism)
  • [BA-06] The Witcher Mafia - TOWN (Canik, Kaziocore, Lord MK, Rafay, SealTeamPi, TheWarrior, Wolfpacks)
  • [BA 07] Trolls Mafia TOWN (Colonel Medved, Daviesolu, iSocialism, Kaziocore, KevinH, Lord MK, Rafay, Rhizocotonia, Robert2424, Wolfpacks)
  • [MK-5] The Wicked Among Us - TOWN (brewersalliance, Daviesolu, KevinH, Rafay, Dontavian, The Warrior, Velocity Nadarr, Lyner)
  • [BA-08] Tiger King Mafia - MAFIA (TheWarrior, Lord MK, Nadarr)
  • [KH-20] Coronavirus - MAFIA (iSocialism, Canik)
  • [TW-12] Agents of Shield Mafia - MAFIA (Lyner, KevinH, lilweirdward)
  • [RO-03]Dawn of Justice - MAFIA (Lord MK , Lyner) & SURVIVOR (brewersalliance)
  • [BA-09]A Feast for Crows SERIAL KILLERS - TheWarrior & Finster Baby
  • [NT-01] PJO Lightning Thief - MAFIA (ghaws, Wolfpacks & KevinH)
  • [KH-21] JOAT^2 - TOWN (Ali bin Turban, brewersalliance, Ferastical, ghaws, Lilweirdward, Lyner, Rafay, Robert2424, The Warrior, Tony Maurice, Torres951, Wolfpacks)
  • [VL-01] Halo: The Battle Of Reach Mafia - Mafia-SK TIE (Lord MK, Rafay, brewersalliance & TheWarrior)
  • [TM-01] THE MAURICE CLUB - TOWN +Dontavian & Velocity WIN (KevinH, Wolfpacks, Rafay, Robert2424, Lyner, Ali bin Turban)
  • [MK-06]Switch - SK win (Lyner)
  • [BA-10] Election Mafia - TOWN (KevinH, Lyner, Lord MK, TheWarrior, Rafay, Tony Maurice, Wolfpacks, Velocity)
  • [LW-01] Dark Souls Mafia - MAFIA (brewersalliance, captainjf, Wolfpacks)
  • [BA-11] A Dance with Dragons - SK Win - (Velocity)
  • [KH-22] Mad17 - MAFIA (Brewersalliance, Lyner, Rafay, Torres951)
  • [BA-12] The Asylum - Mafia MAFIA - (Colonel Medved, Robert2424, Ferastical, Velocity)
  • [BA-13] Penis Mafia - MAFIA - (lilweirdward, Lord MK, Velocity)
  • [KH-24] Vengeful - TOWN (Brewersalliance, Chaplain of Death, Rafay)
  • [BA-14] Phallus Mafia - TOWN (captainjf, lilweirdward, Lyner, Rafay, Velocity)
  • [KH-23] 2x5 - MAFIA (Brewersalliance, Imran Ehsan)
  • [KH-25] Kids With Guns - TOWN (Brewersalliance, Imran Ehsan, iSocialism, Lyner)

141 Games on Record (130 Completed / 11 Abandoned)

Mafia - 60 - 46.2%
Town - 57 - 43.8%
Other - 13 - 10.0%

Other -

Serial Killer - 9
Survivor alone - 1

Other Group - 1

Town & Mafia Tie - 1

Mafia & SK Tie - 1


Jester (with town) - 2

Survivor (with town) - 1

Survivor (with mafia) - 2

Individual (with mafia) - 1

Traitor (with town) - 1



  • KevinH - 45
  • Rafay - 33
  • Electric Mango - 23
  • Wolfpacks, Robert2424, Lyner - 22
  • Brewersalliance - 20
  • TheWarrior, Lord MK, iSocialism, - 18
  • Kaziocore  - 17
  • SeaBeeGipson - 16
  • CanucksDynasty - 15
  • Rhizoctonia - 13
  • Velocity, Imran Ehsan - 12
  • Martino, Canik, Colonel Medved, Chaplain of Death - 11
  • Vgmmaster, D3mon, Jazzy95, - 9
  • Nerau, Lachiton - 8
  • OverCaffeinated, Sister Midnight - 7
  • Battousai, Ccabal86, Killgor, Commander Shepard, Preston, KitKat16 - 6
  • Argon, Molestargazer, Sămus, Mandarjin, Nadarr, Finster Baby, Ali bin Turban, - 5
  • Grand Emperor Brian, Oranges, Draztikus, MonRepos, Sanguinary, Narsis, AKCPLUTO, Yehom, Eogrim, lilweirdward - 4
  • Grahamule, Mikey, Globalfanatic, Sir Jesus, Falzis, Theophilos, Kasabian, Eva999, Xx Karl xX, ABigDeer, - 3
  • moose, Kaiser Sam, Ovidius, shadowarmy75, King Without a Crown, Stargazer Alchemist, Angel of Doom, Sehmarnaam, Niempie, Aquinas, BeeBs, cam177 Alternate_Tree, Xarastier, Reign of Terror, Yates, Angel Cruz dela Sant, Montosh, LordSunday, FrigidInferno, Kverst, SealTeamPi, Daviesolu, ghaws, Dontavian, Tony Maurice, Torres951, Ferastical, captainjf - 2
  • Onbekende, Darth Vader, McDaz, Tom Sipriani, Nilty, Blade619, Jumpshoot, Grand Emperor Burka, coolguy002, Cpl Punishment, GrandSecretaryLiang, Bodvar Jarl, Griffon, Sehmarnaam, Yllnath, Leonitus94, Hyperion, Mech Warrior, Azach007, Rayger, junkahoolik, SinKon, Tobias Greene, Curufinwe, 19theSpecOps, Chaoshawk, KF2001, Daimos, Aenir, Athermonuke, Fernando Garcia, Lorikz Kain, DarkIceDragon, Euclid of Alexandria, Blaskowicz, Daniel Vigrid, Iron Helix, LordRagnar, LordZetano, Zenonia, K33PS, TBRaiders, emudevelopment, DerangedArsonist, Shahenshah, TheDoom, Fermion, Antoine Roquentin, Avater, Whitebeard, Mazuurek, 1ceCream, , GoldIron, legoboyvdlp, Atliis, Darkfox, MsShawdi, GianMirell, CampinKiller- 1

Proud IRONer since 5th July 2006
Proud to have taken 6 nukes, and been ZI'ed for IRON.

  • Mod of General Spam, Mafia, and Mole Stargazer's Bar and Grill
  • Ex-Field Marshal, Admissions Admin, Warnings & Walkers and Generalwazawaza mod, Diplomat, amongst many other things that I've forgotten.
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  • [KH-25] Kids With Guns - TOWN (Brewersalliance, Imran Ehsan, iSocialism, Lyner)

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