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I shot the sheriff, several deputies...

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With apologies to Mr. Clapton.

Not only did I shoot the sheriff, and all of his deputies, and about half the town of Strawberry.

Hey, they drew first.


No, I haven't finally snapped.

I'm talking about Red Dead Redemption II.  If you loved the first one, you'll love the second installment of Grand Theft Horse.


I picked this up last week, on release day.  I've been monkeying around with it ever since.  Lovely game.  The graphics are amazing, and there's one heck of a lot to do.


I've managed to get to Chapter 3, as soon as I manage to shoot that damned white cougar with out ruining its pelt, I'll move on.

The story is really engaging, and the dialogue is hilarious. 


They've made a number of changes.  You can rob trains, people, stores, and banks.  You can steal horses and wagons to sell and make money.  I'll be honest, that's just fun.  Riding up next to a horse or wagon and jumping on.

They even added in fist fights.  Some yellow bellied turd, done has the gumption to brush up against you...hell show that lily liver at thing or two.

Some of the changes are annoying,  You have to sleep and eat on a regular basis.  You have to care for you horse, which means feeding and grooming.  You also have to bathe the horse or it's health will decline.

Hell, if you don't bathe yourself, you'll have trouble hunting.  The stench will give you away.

The controls were a little clunky at first, then I figured it out.

All in all good game.  If you liked the first one, you'll love the second.









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