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3D printing

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Does anyone own a 3D printer?

I'm thinking about getting one, creality Ender 3.
I'm pretty sold on it.

My questions/discussion would be about the cost that you didn't really think about before getting one such as software, hardware etc. I know there's freeware and free designs out there but was just curious about anything else

How long have you been going about it, do you still find interest in creating stuff.

What challenges have you faced.

Is it a hobby that makes you want to go bigger and better aka more spending.

I don't mean for this thread just to be a QnA session. Show and tell would also be accepted, and anything else related
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I do not own a 3D Printer but have been following their growing trend since 2012. It seems like every year the cost keeps dropping and the quality goes up and up. Its amazing how a 3D Printer that cost $3000 5 years ago, a comparable model is sold as a build your own parts kit for $150.


Eventually I do want to own one so I can print models for Wargamming. But I use 15mm figures, and the printers out their now can't quite get that fine level of small detail (even with changing to a smaller Nozzle), with the exception of certain SLA printers. Not a big fan of SLA because you have to clean them after every single model you print, but the quality of the prints is quite good.


Hopefully within the next several years FDM 3D printers will have improved detail for smaller models and I will finally make the plunge.

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Did you end up buying one?


I have an old Davinci 1.0 that I've modified pretty heavily. I spent 2-3 years off and on tinkering with the printer as a hobby, but it's not currently working and I don't really have time to deal with it either.


Main challenges are getting your print settings right and getting the right materials for the job. Getting proper bed adhesion is also essential -- early on it can be challenging to get prints to stay stuck down for the full duration.  Once that's done, it's all just a maintenance game, and I've basically broken mine, unfortunately.

The biggest expense is simply buying lots of different colors and materials. But supplementary tools and accessories can add up too.


I don't know enough about 3D modeling and drafting for it to be useful from day to day, so I just end up using it for trinkets and decorations with models that other people post online.


Bonus: most impressive thing I've ever printed https://www.thingiverse.com/make:450920

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