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Hello There! General Kenobi you are a bold one.

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Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is Welcome

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Hey guys it is me. I just resigned from the NPO. I want to rejoin IRON. Only for one reason. I want to only be on the Forums. I don’t want to do any Cadet work. I hope to just work on the IRON Times. If IRON gets in any war. I will help out.

Imran Ehsan

Imran Ehsan

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You need to comply with Admissions requirements and post an application as per the instructions given in this forum: https://ironcentral.org/community/forum/162-applications-to-join-iron/


There is no other way to get an IRON mask, unless you went inactive while being on the IRON AA or you are here as a Diplomat for another alliance, in which case you will get the Foreign Diplomat mask.

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I don’t want to do any Cadet work

If you're talking about academy, it was never mandatory. It always has only been highly recommended. And if you're talking about IA jobs then that was even less mandatory and it's something that if you do is appreciated and rewarded. We always need people to help with IA, but we understand that everyone won't be able to give so much time and we can't even accommodate everyone in IA. 

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