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King Wonder of Wonderlands

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Dishonored and Banned User

Dishonored and Banned User

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Ruler Name: King Wonder

Nation Name: Wonderlands
Nation Linkhttps://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=627309
Nation Strength: 3.00
Your Time Zone: us central time 
New or Current CN Player?: New 
If Current please list previous nations (if you rerolled) & alliances (if any) with most recent first: None 

Easy Questions Part:
1. Why have you chosen to apply to IRON vs. another alliance? I was considering NPO and IROn as the ones I apply for. So I messed around with the websites and browsing NPO and IROn nations alike. They were both very good honestly so I did a dice roll and it comes out IRON came out. Don’t confuse yourself that I will not stay with IRON, more solid reasons I want to join is because After some research and checking of the orange team, it looks like your senators gave everyone affluent pop ( I not sure if that is spelled correctly ) and I would let you take the thank you for that ).
2. What do you believe are the main benefits of an alliance? Some main benefits of a alliance are maybe Aid and Protection in a defensive war
3. It might have been a day or two, but how do you like Cyber Nations so far? I do very like it because this is not a game where you can win / beat the game and later you quit because it is boring when you figure out how to win. This also requires long term dedication and patience in growth, which imao is a good one.
4. Do you believe that you'll be playing day to day or every other day? I have to admit that I am a over checker - like the ones where you refresh the page every 10-20 minutes. I
5. Ruler name of the nation that recruited you? None, I got this message from cybernations that joining an alliance helps so I saw iron is pretty high ranking. 
6. Do you understand that IRON nations are not allowed to attack any other nation without specific orders? yes, When I was reading the wiki and guides, I learned that war isn’t exciting and funny, more like damaging and serious, 
7. Do you understand that IRON nations are not allowed to use any type of spy attempts on any other nation without specific orders? Yes 
8. Are you in 100% Compliance with the Application Requirements? I pretty sure 

I understand that I will be receiving a welcome/orientation PM within 48 hours or less after admittance, after which I will be required to read it. It is for my own understanding of this alliance and to better my enjoyment of the game, that I read this PM.

By applying to IRON I agree to adhere to the IRON Charter & Rules of War. I realize that should I breach either, IRON reserves the right to terminate my membership with immediate effect.

The IRON Oath

I vow to faithfully, honestly and honourably serve the reigning IRON Council and its legitimate successors and also to dedicate myself to them with all my strength, ready to sacrifice all, should it become necessary.

Furthermore I promise to my Commanding Officer and my other superiors respect, fidelity and obedience. This I swear!

I, King Wonder of Wonderlands , swear I will observe faithfully, loyally and honourably the above IRON Oath. May the almighty Administrator and His gracious Moderators assist me!



Also I have a few questions for iron because I am new and confused about some game mechanics


What is tech and what is a tech deal ? ( I keep hearing the word tech everywhere in cybernations ) 





Imran Ehsan

Imran Ehsan

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King Wonder aka Queen of Nations


You are hereby removed from IRON for trying to bypass the IRON ban list and lying in your application thread. You have 24 hours from now to remove your nation from the IRON AA affiliation in-game and find another alliance. After this 24 hours, if you are still on the IRON AA, you will be removed.


You may PM me privately if you require any clarifications. 


Creating new threads to argue about this decision will result in banning of your account on the forums.



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