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History Part 1: The Forging

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Part 1: The Forging

On March 16th, 2006 a group of players from the HeavenGames decided to create an alliance, originally called "The OD Alliance". Starting as a red alliance, they decided to move spheres and eventually settled down on the Orange Sphere. This filled the power vacuum left over from the Citrus War.
Thus IRON's first steps had been taken.

They settled in to the Orange Sphere, and soon after debates started up causing several identity changes. After cycling from "The OD Alliance" to "The KoRT Alliance" and "ACHTUNG", Loegaire suggested that the alliance was to be called the "Independent Republic of Orange Nations", or simply "IRON". The other ongoing debate at the time was that IRON lacked a charter. Early IRON was described by Shan Revan as being something between anarchy and direct democracy. After some hard work by Shan Revan, Glyndwr, Kith Kanan, and Sister Midnight IRON had it's charter which was based on NATO's. The first seated on the IRON council were: Shan Revan, Glyndwr, Loegaire, Ender, Zambaman, Lonsberry, Good Ol MC, Kith Kanan, and Sister Midnight, with Sister Midnight as President.

Hence, modern IRON was formed. The formation of IRON was announced to Planet Bob on 28 April, 2006. The best historical estimates place the size of IRON at around 60 members with, as Shan Revan states, a nation strength in the tens of thousands.

With the alliance firmly in the world of planet Bob, IRON started out to seek diplomatic relations. ODN was their first treaty partner and NPO was IRON's second treaty partner. Another notable relationship was with the alliance OPA. IRONs first ever Mutual Defense Pact was with OPA during this early period, but that would only last a month before IRON adopted a policy of no MDPs, the precursor to a period of IRON neutrality. Thanks to a nuclear arms race with the NPO, IRON found itself to be one of the most powerfull alliances pre GWI.

IRON had been forged.

To be continued...

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