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History Part 2: Friends, Tensions, Enemies

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Part 2: Friends, Tensions...

Council saw how "neutrality" throughout the GWI War was in the alliances best interest. After consultation with the Green Protection Alliance's Council, it was decided that neutrality was the path for IRON to take. Although there were some slight tensions regarding the neutrality during the Antebellum period of GWII, IRON had decided none- the- less to remain neutral throughout GWII as well. Though IRON's relations with the Orange Defense Network and the Legion grew to a point of friendship, the neutral stance kept treaties from being signed.

When GWII ended, IRON faced its first real tensions. A group separated from IRON and a new group was created. They called themselves "The Empire". Relations never really began due to diplomatic spats; the discovery of forum hacking in February 2007 was a breaking point causing the joint IRON and NPO attack on The Empire which resulted in a quick disbandment of The Empire. During this period the first enmity was developed between IRON and the Federation of Armed Nations beginning after a number of flame wars occurred on the OWF.

After GWIII IRON stayed neutral once again and there was a period of high tension between IRON and other Orange Sphere alliances. One of the reasons for this was a person named Maccers the Great, who left the alliance under duress and in direct conflict with the IRON Council. After revealing confidential information, Maccers applied and got accepted by the ODN before IRON could make its move. It's worth stating that ODN, while under terms, was not a protectorate of GOONS at the time. IRON considered the facts behind their long standing relationship with the ODN and decided to permit due-process for a time. However, after Maccers started to buy up nukes (which formed a nuclear threath to IRON), quick action was taken and several hours after the DoW ended, ODN surrendered to IRON. This was somewhat of a diplomatic blunder for IRON, with one of their closest friends surrendering to them. This would be the first and the last time in Planet Bob history that IRON had broken a treaty or agreement. The result of IRON's actions worked out for the best, however, and relations with the ODN flourished.

This incident caused tensions to rise again. Essentially, IRON was able to push TOP out of the third Senate seat, giving IRON two seats and ODN one seat on the Orange Senate. TOP didn't much like it but the results were positive: IRON, ODN and TOP all agreed to the Orange Senate Treaty, which stands until today, and is still the method of selecting the Orange Team Senate members.

Shortly after this, Sister Midnight urged the Council to lift a long-standing ban on the Mutual Defense Pacts. The reasons were clear: IRON, while resilient and strong, could not stand alone in the fast-changing world of Planet Bob. After this, IRON entered into a Transitional Era in which several new developments arose such as the Academy and the Orange Unity Treaty. While IRON was new to OUT, and due to the latest tensions, it left them far better off than they were just a month before.

Tensions began rising again, this time between two blocs lead by NPO and by FAN. After IRON decided they would rather side with a NPO-led Initiative than a FAN-led bloc, their plans were beginning to form, resulting in a MDAP with MCXA a close ally of the NPO-led Initiative. The Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact with MCXA was the true entry of IRON onto the world stage as a real power to contend with. However the treaty would soon be tested as FAN became far too aggressive with the GOONS and NPO. FAN was ejected from the Initiative and the FAN-WUT war began. On ten minutes notice, IRON announced it would respect its treaty commitments to the MCXA and declared war on FAN. Amazingly, that treaty was signed the same day and without an announcement to the world.

... and Enemies.

History Part 1; The Forging

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