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History Part 3: The FAN-WUT War and the Unjust War

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Part 3: The FAN-WUT War and the Unjust War

With the newly signed MDAP with MCXA in place, and with MCXA heading to war, IRON would enter a much different period. IRON had never been involved in any serious engagement as they had steered clear of most trouble. This war turned out to be a great way to educate the alliance on military matters. With IRONs help the MCXA membership learned quickly and managed to pull through the war without difficulties. IRON now had a well organized military. By honoring a treaty so freshly signed, IRON entered the world of diplomacy.

IRON had taken a big step forward in the world.

After the Fan-Wut war, the IRON State Department entered busy times. Shan Revan was now heading up the department together with DarkMistress and the two of them would quickly get the department in shape. In a relatively short period of time they acquired an MDAP with NpO and with NPO. Another two MDP's were signed as well with NoV and TOP. It was a "treaty blitz" the likes of which IRON had never seen before.

Also, the world was heading into several major crises. The Pacifican Succession Crisis emerged and it was resolved peacefully, but this demonstrated that NpO was moving away from The Initiative. Shortly thereafter, was Modgate, during which several notable alliance leaders were banned and deleted for reasons unknown. This created a diplomatic foray, especially in the case of NPO and the GOONS. While many alliances were affected by Modgate, IRON was able to make it out unscathed.

During this era IRON committed itself to the side of NPO, and also began growing closer to GGA which fractured the Initiative. Simultaneously, the Unjust Path Bloc was formed and decreed. A war with IRON was not on the minds of the UJP. Many UJP alliances, including \m/, attempted to sign MDPs and various other treaties with the IRON State Department. All these requests inundated the IRON State Department simultaneously which was difficult to deal with, since they all had to be carefully dealt with. Most of them were rejected on the grounds of their agreements with MCXA and the NPO.

The opening of communications with GGA and the continued improvement of relations with the NPO became the precursor to the One Vision bloc; OV would stand for a long time. However, NpO and the GGA had withdrawn from The Initiative and WUT, which was a result of Modgate and the change of leadership. Soon thereafter, a nation within the GOONS protectorate of BAPS attacked and raided technology from a GGA nation. The GGA swiftly retaliated and, in response, GOONS counter-attacked. However, the aggression would be temporary, and the GGA and GOONS attempted to settle the issue through diplomatic channels.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, a protectorate of NpO, BOTS, was attacked by Genmay, which was a WUT signatory and a member of the UJP bloc. NpO swiftly declared war on Genmay and counterattacked, while GGA followed suit and declared war upon GOONS. Several MDPs were activated during this time including the MDoAP between IRON and the GGA. IRON declared war on GOONS soon after and the UJP War had begun.

IRON was able to manage the GOONS handily, considering that TOOL and the Golden Sabres also attacked out of respect for their MDPs with the GOONS. Even more remarkably, the OUT was maintained, with the ODN and other alliances offering aid and combat assistance. After an extended period of fighting, IRON came out the victor over the GOONS. Due to the diplomatic relations TOOL and IRON kept during and after the war, TOOL would later become one of IRON's closest allies.

IRON had entered the Modern Era.

To be continued...

History Part 1; The Forging
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