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History Part 5: Karma War

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Part 5: Karma War

World tensions were high for a while and it was clear that a war was imminent. Things took a turn for the worse when the alliance or Ordo Verde was accused by the New Pacific Order and The Order of Righteous Nations of accepting stolen Screen Shots from NPO's private forums among other things. The charges consisted of cooperation with the Blackstone Collusion, A treaty with BC, receiving Screenshots from BC, and knowingly accepting a BC member into their alliance.

The war began on April 20th, 2009 20 minutes before update when nations from NPO and TORN attacked nations of OV in game. An official Declaration of War followed on the OWF. These attacks allegedly started in the middle of negotiations between OV and the NPO. This claim has, however been denied by the NPO. Nevertheless, the next day IRON issued its notice of cancellation to the IRON-NPO MADP treaty. In a combined announcement by IRON, MCXA, OG, NATO, GGA, Valhalla, and TPF, the cancellation was made public.

The next day, however, IRON entered the war to uphold its treaties in the Continuum and One Vision by declaring war on the alliance of Ragnarok. The next day, our declaration of war was countered by DoW's by Fark, and the Gremlins. Soon after, followed by FCC, MHA, R.O.C.K., TOH, IPA, and ARES.

The war was a long and bloody one for us, on day one of the war, IRON started at 20,096,264 Nation Strength. One month later we were at 6,050,841. The war lasted a total of one month, and on May 24, IRON surrendered to the forces listed above and agreed to pay reparations amounting to a total of 30,000 units of technology and 1.5 Billion in cash. However, even with these massive reparations placed on us, IRON was able to send out the reparations and complete the terms in record time, and as soon as terms ended, the world watched us climb back up the ranks in an impressive display of nation building.

The Karma war has had lasting effects on the Cyberverse, most notably the power shift from the Continuum alliances to the alliances of CnG and SF. It also finds the NPO still under surrender terms over a year after the conflict started. However, through it all, the will and strength of IRON prospered and lives on to this day.

to be continued....

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