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IRON Flags

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    AKA Marneus Calgar

  • NM|Former Member
  • 7,141 posts
  • Discord ID:Marneus
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  • CN Nation ID (put 000000 if only PnW):449862
  • Souls Baptized:Not Enough
  • Squadron:Kilo


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Dom Zak

Dom Zak

    IRON Rose

  • NM|Former Member
  • 11,036 posts
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  • CN Nation ID (put 000000 if only PnW):523884
  • Souls Baptized:2,320,453
  • Squadron:Alpha
gold v3 for me
Add +1627 days to IRON Alliance Seniority

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( Thewarrior[IRON] ) Slap me again with that trout you dirty girl.
[6:20:19 PM] RH: think he means the [p0rn] tapes of you and samus he likes to watch.
18:31� @Jesper[Valhalla]: Fapping, sec
16:23� @onbekende: doing samus currently
21:18� %sojourner[IRON]: Zak is running on about crazy drugs and foreskins again
19:39� +Samuz: i'm watching high school musical 2
[3:20:18 PM] General DRU ZOD: which is a horrible name because it makes it sound like all of you are on your knee caps sucking cock
20:32� OverlordLukey[IRON] is now known as OverlordAK47Don
20:49� %Samuz: i'm a whoreeeeeeee
theophi1os squeaks hola javier *squeak, squeak*
21:58� ~EgoFreaky[RnR|Prez]: bk, last time.. I WON"T SHOW YOU MY VAGINA..
i am not faping with zak
[9:09:06 PM] maskofblue: if cum was power IRON would be a porn star
17:03� %avidesoo: **** you Longbowe
18:10� @Meterman[IRON]: Wake up you NAH bitch!!!
19:57� %LiquidMercury: you're the biggest noob ever samus
15:04� &Jesper: S&M is good
[4:24:08 PM] Mia: I have a one centimeter penis.
[10:40:17 PM] Crusty Juggler: sweet dreams pooky kins
09:58� &Lord_Nettles: Stewie will give you aids
19:40� � @Jesper|Away rapes Zak[IRON] with a lubed up wine bottle[god]>[iron|kot|oj]>

In the name of IRON:
42 nukes eaten
66 nukes landed
2,528,742 Casualties
18M sent to TOOL| 18M sent to ML
Millions in aid sent to IRON nations

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Blade 619

Blade 619

    Master of Nukes

  • IRON President
  • 7,483 posts
  • Discord ID:Blade
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  • CN Nation ID (put 000000 if only PnW):040973
  • Souls Baptized:7,122,755
  • Squadron:Kilo
V3 here too when full size. Though origional for a thumbnail.



* * * * *

Blade 619 you have been baptized in Fire and Blood and emerged as IRON!



  I will remember this, Blade, and I will be forever grateful... oh hell words fail me!  ( @ )( @ )



* * * * *

Revenge is best served cold, tasting of vanilla yoghurt with vanilla and chocolate balls.




Leave it to Blade to step in and say the most completely true post in this thread. You make my day Sir.  

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