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    The Convict

  • Samus Mask
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  • CN Nation ID (put 000000 if only PnW):254470
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  • Squadron:Kilo

In order to receive a Foreign Mask for your Alliances Embassy you must post in either of these two threads (the one that applies to your title in your alliance)!

Foreign Government Mask Request- For Upper Level Government Members of your Alliance (The Decision Makers)
Foreign Diplomat Mask Request - For a General Member of your Alliance (Diplomats & General Members)

Note: Please make sure to request the correct mask, if it is found that you have lied about a mask, it will be documented and reported to said alliance the mask was for.

If any questions regarding Diplomatic Admissions please contact Montosh, the Diplomatic Admissions Admin.

If you believe that something is wrong with your mask or we made an error please contact Montosh via IRON Forums PM or In-Game PM.

Thank You,
Admissions Administrator


Root Admin
Ex-Kilo CO, Ex-Bounty Director, Ex-Mentor, Ex-Admissions Admin Ex-Deputy Headmaster of Academy, Ex-Recruitment Staff, Ex-SWAG Personell, Ex-Academy Staff, Ex-Trade Post Director, Ex-Deputy Trade Post Director, Ex- Foxtrot Master Sergeant, Ex-Award Panel Deputy Director, Ex-Award Panel Staff, Ex-Trade Post Staff, Ex- Delta Executive Officer, Ex-Express Delivery

00:48 Fernando[IRON] � I will refer to you as Supreme Overlord Guru Samus

Only I have the baptismal power.

Samus because of your dedicated service to IRON; your high casualty count and aid given your fellow IRONers. I hear by baptize ye in Fire and blood. You rise as IRON!

You may now wear proudly in your Sig "I have been Baptized in Fire and Blood and emerged as IRON."

18:28 %FinsterBaby[IRON] • I'm only afraid of Master Samus.
18:28 %FinsterBaby[IRON] • All powerful root admin
18:29 @onbekende • wussie
18:29 %FinsterBaby[IRON] • he can make you disappear. I've seen it


MVP(Mod’s Choice)= Master Samus; I think Master Samus played amazingly for a guy who claims it was his second only mafia game. He never led the town on him and that’s why he deserves this award. He was impressive in manipulating the town that led to the ultimate mafia victory.
Player of Mafia; Master Samus/emudevelopment (shared); I think both were instrumental in the town’s defeat. Both were manipulative and deceptive. They clearly came out as pro-town and looked like de-facto town leaders. They led the lynch wagon w/o anyone uncovering their true motives.

Samus, you should be proud that you've helped make an environment where people feel safe enough to share their experiences.

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