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Sample Application - Blade 619 of Antropomorphica

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Blade 619

Blade 619

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Topic TITLE: Blade 619 of Antropomorphica


Ruler Name: Blade 619
Nation Name: Antropomorphica
Nation Linkhttp://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=40973
Nation Strength135,801.362
Your Time Zone: GMT
New or Current CN Player?: Current
If Current please list previous nations (if you rerolled) & alliances (if any) with most recent first: IRON

Easy Questions Part: (I'm not going to fill this in, but be imaginative and honest with your answers)
1. Why have you chosen to apply to IRON vs. another alliance?
2. What do you believe are the main benefits of an alliance?
3. It might have been a day or two, but how do you like Cyber Nations so far?
4. Do you believe that you'll be playing day to day or every other day?
5. Ruler name of the nation that recruited you?
6. Do you understand that IRON nations are not allowed to attack any other nation without specific orders?
7. Do you understand that IRON nations are not allowed to use any type of spy attempts on any other nation without specific orders?
8. Are you in 100% Compliance with the Application Requirements?

I understand that I will be receiving a welcome/orientation PM within 48 hours or less after admittance, after which I will be required to read it. It is for my own understanding of this alliance and to better my enjoyment of the game, that I read this PM.

By applying to IRON I agree to adhere to the IRON Charter & Rules of War. I realize that should I breach either, IRON reserves the right to terminate my membership with immediate effect.

The IRON Oath

I vow to faithfully, honestly and honourably serve the reigning IRON Council and its legitimate successors and also to dedicate myself to them with all my strength, ready to sacrifice all, should it become necessary.

Furthermore I promise to my Commanding Officer and my other superiors respect, fidelity and obedience. This I swear!

I, Blade619 of Antropomorphica, swear I will observe faithfully, loyally and honourably the above IRON Oath. May the almighty Administrator and His gracious Moderators assist me!



* * * * *

Blade 619 you have been baptized in Fire and Blood and emerged as IRON!



  I will remember this, Blade, and I will be forever grateful... oh hell words fail me!  ( @ )( @ )



* * * * *

Revenge is best served cold, tasting of vanilla yoghurt with vanilla and chocolate balls.




Leave it to Blade to step in and say the most completely true post in this thread. You make my day Sir.  

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