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Not the nobble

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Sister Midnight

Sister Midnight

    The IRON Maiden

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So I saw this video today, and ended up laughing so hard that I couldn’t set up, my cats were alarmed, and hubby thought I was hysterical. Idk why it made me laugh the way. If you can figure it out, please tell me.



( @ )( @ ) The official salute from women in the great, nudist nation of Secor. I'm naked and very excited to be here.

The Supercalifragalisticexpealadocious Award

"This award was custom made for a special person. Its gleam reflects the endearment of the people that she leads. Awarded to the IRON Maiden, Sister Midnight."

[center]~~A partner in Blade's crimes~~[center]Nukes taken for IRON since restarting on 6/10/2016: I stopped counting after 69.

Sister Midnight has been Baptized in Fire and Blood and emerged as IRON!

The people of Antropomorphica join their leaders in welcoming the discovery of this previously unknown colony of Secor in the wilds of South America. They organised an airdrop of money and soldiers to protect this fledgling state as it undergoes construction (I mean... 1k infra at day 1 guys... come on!).

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8========D ~~

from our leaders to yours.

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