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Going to the Chappel of Love

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    Cast IRON

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If I don't tell someone, anyone, I'm going to explode.  I'm not allowed to announce this on my FaceBook.  I've been asked not to do so.

I am the happiest person on the planet right now.  I'm over the bloody moon.  I've been laughing like a fool and crying for most of the night.  Nothing can compare to what has happened to me. 

I want to tell you a story, my story.

I spent a long time wandering alone.  I haven't had anyone special in my life since 2000, 19 years ago.  I was convinced that I was happy.  That I was a rock, that I was an island. 

I was deluding myself.

I was hiding from my pain.

I didn't want to love, because I didn't want to be hurt.

I hid, I denied.

I hated it. 

Three years ago, I had blown up to 240 lbs.   I couldn't walk up a set of stairs with out getting winded.  I went home on leave, and a friend's kid look at me and said "You're really fat.  Are you really in the Army?"

Out of the mouth's of babes.

I sought help, and in the course of six months I dropped 55 lbs.  I've maintained that weight ever since.  I run 20k a week.  I'm feeling great.

Losing that weight gave me the courage to try again, to see if I could find someone who was meant for me.

I found him.

Or rather he found me.

10 months ago I met the man of my dreams.  He has  a big heart.  He's so special to me.

He has helped me so much.  He helped me to stop drinking, he helped me to admit that I have a problem with alcohol. 

He has stood by me as I've quit smoking. 

He means the world to me.

He is the most special, most wonderful man in the world.

Tonight, he has made me the most happiest man in the whole world.

Tonight he asked me to marry him.

I love him with all my heart. 


I will no longer journey through life alone. 





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    Cast IRON

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Congratulations! Yours is a very moving story.

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Cydonian Knight

Cydonian Knight


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Congrats! Hope you two are real happy together!! :D

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Blade 619

Blade 619

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Congrats man! He sounds like a great guy! (Maybe get him on here? haha)



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Gratia Domini nostri Iesu Christi cum omnibus vobis.


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Blade 619 you have been baptized in Fire and Blood and emerged as IRON!


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  I will remember this, Blade, and I will be forever grateful... oh hell words fail me!  ( @ )( @ )



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Revenge is best served cold, tasting of vanilla yoghurt with vanilla and chocolate balls.




Leave it to Blade to step in and say the most completely true post in this thread. You make my day Sir.  

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