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Conflicted Card Game Deck 2: Week 3

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Conflicted is a game which consists of multiple decks, each deck containing 52 cards, and on each card is a question. The setting is in an environment where some catastrophic event has occurred. Could be nuclear war, World War III, horrible disease, economic collapse, but regardless of the scenario, no form of government really exists or if it does it is unable to help you. No calling 911, no cell phones, no internet. Its just yourself, maybe friends and family, and possibly a small group of people who can help you. Not necessarily Mad Max/Post Apocalyptic, but cohesive civilization with modern technology at our fingertips is essentially over.

Every week I will post one of the cards (selected at random), and each participant writes a response to what they would do in that situation or how they might handle it. I will let the thread run for one week, and then post a new question. Post as much as you like after giving your response. Debating and analyzing is part of the game! I won't be playing as I am the one running the game.

There are no right or wrong answers as the game is about hearing how people could navigate a stressful or perilous situation.

Deck 2 - Survival Scenarios: Four of Spades

Your home is attacked and marauders are dragging a loved one towards their vehicle. Both perpetrators are armed with pistols, and you are armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Based on your training and experience, you have a 50% chance of neutralizing your attackers or hitting your loved one
Would you take a shot or not?

The idea of war is not to die for your country, it's to make the enemy die for his.


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Take the shot or shots, marauders will not stop raiding unless it costs to much to continue. If successful you have taken two out and now have 2 pistols and what ammunition they have.

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Take the shot or shots, marauders will not stop raiding unless it costs to much to continue. If successful you have taken two out and now have 2 pistols and what ammunition they have.


Agreed, cause having a 50% chance of saving your loved one is better than having a 0.01% chance of ever meeting him/her again.


If you do happen to kill your loved one, it would be devastating, but it's better than not knowing what horrid things the marauders might be doing instead. Plus it sends a message that you're not messing around.

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You might ask, how did you end up in this situation?

The answer is simple - you're not in it. Atleast not yet.

The scenario above is as of now theoretical, but very likely if you happen to test our limits. B)

We over here at IRON value our comrades more than anything, but we also value the divine art of warcraft.

As long as you know which side you're on, everything will be okay!


Now, all things considered, I hope you have a lovely day!


Cheerio! :)



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