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World of Warcraft

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Lorikz Kain

Lorikz Kain


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I started playing classic wow on Ashkandi with some relatives. Fun and nostalgic. Unfortunately they all started playing alliance so I'm currently stuck on the loser side... Not that it matters considering its not even a PVP server so meh, no holding the Stormwind bank hostage anyways :D

"Sir, we are surrounded!"
"Excellent! That means we can attack in any direction!"

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(TLDR: No Longer Relevant)

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    Tempered IRON

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no holding the Stormwind bank hostage anyways


Such a horde thing to say. Such a classic thing to say.


Sucks I started much later than classic.

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Ok, lunch time.

everyone needs to get ready for night time at lunch time so you can prepare for breakfast. The shield agents run on food

So what’s for lunch?

Tacos. Wal-mart truck meat tacos.

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